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Membership benefits

The SATTA mandate is to improve the industry and to benefit members. We are pursuing various avenues as part of our service delivery to members, including promoting networking and advertising opportunities, disciplinary matters, sourcing of member benefits.

SATTA maintains contact with other organizations, conservation bodies and other role-players on both the local and international level, to stay abreast of developments within our, and related industries. This enables SATTA to be an important source of industry news and information for our members.

SATTA liaises with all levels of government to give our industry a voice in the development of government initiatives, transformation, social responsibility and funding projects, and most importantly in the compilation of legislation and regulations that affect permits. SATTA endeavors to communicate to the public and government that our industry is relevant, responsible and accountable.

1 Full membership
Full membership can be awarded per company operating within the Taxidermy Industry abiding by this constitution.
2 Associated membership
Associate membership can be awarded per private person or company that is directly related to the Taxidermy industry either in a supportive or service function.

Joining Fee

R200 Once off registration fee

Annual Subscription Fee

R2000 Full member / Associate member fee

Please note:
An invoice will be issued on acceptance of membership.
Subscription fees are subject to change.
All joining and member fees are non-refundable.
SATTA is currently not VAT Registered.

Full Membership is available to any individual or business entity that operates in the Taxidermy process, including Tanning and Dip & Pack

How to Become a Member

Download, complete and send the form to us at